Trust & Productivity

We hear a lot of concerns from employers about productivity and trust. The simple answer is, if your employees were marginally productive, they will continue to be. On the other hand, inspired teams are generally led by owners that are good communicators that run progressive companies. Replicating the communication and efficiency of a team is dependent on several operational and leadership components that can quickly make remote a codeword for happier and even more productive.

Working From Home

Documenting Processes

At its most basic business is two things, 1) proving the offering (which is on-going), then, 2) optimizing your support systems. You can’t optimize until every function and process is documented. Operational processes are the backbone of a healthy company. The primary systems that support any business include business development, operational processes, human resource management and a progressive leadership function.

Operations Manual

Hand-in-hand with the management team, Lauterback Consulting memorializes as much of the details as is required to evaluate and bring new efficiencies to each departmental component. One way we make it all work is by enlisting the key players on your team in providing their ideas on ways to improve and make transparent, any of these various business activities. This inclusion facet contributes directly to regaining any lost trust, while helping to mitigate employee concerns for the future of the company, and their livelihoods.

Accountability and Owner Peace-Of-Mind

Remaining consistent is always important, having the verification tools to assure your staff is productive and accountable, is the only way most leaders can sustain and benefit from the work from home opportunity. Once the operational protocols are established and put into practice, mentoring the team and the leader makes adapting to more responsive systems a very efficient process. A complete transition, for those workers that can work remotely, can be completed in an affordable, part-time effort over several months.