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Often times companies get lazy, their leaders become distracted over time, old methods are allowed to linger, and new generations are not properly prepared to perpetuate the successes of the past, nor equipped to make the changes required for sustainability. In cases like these, change management solutions help to create and navigate a growth or turnaround strategy.

For a business that has stalled or needs to break away from ineffective methods of the past requires a fundamental realignment of the entire company, including infrastructure, people, and processes to embody a new strategic approach.

The growth of a business depends on a dynamic business development platform and the operational infrastructure to back it up.  That growth will only happen when the operating processes and the people systems are knitted together to meet the expectations of the customer.

You may be in need of change management solutions if your business:

  • Is considering a succession plan
  • Has inadequate systems in place
  • Is in need of better or different employees
  • Is staggering
  • Doesn’t know how to grow
  • Is in an emergency situation
  • Needs direction, a plan and an implementer


Lauterback Consulting specializes in change management for small businesses. “I provide my clients with the advantage of a highly experienced adviser willing to get involved, identify problems and fix them. In practice with over 200 past clients, my growth or turnaround work can help assure the most favorable outcomes – without sacrificing the principles and unique personality of your company.”