A “Business Development Machine”

In the world of small business, most companies need more customers – and the majority of these businesses need marketing help in order to gain and retain a solid client base. Way back when, you may have thought that your passion would be enough to drive business, but most small businesses are not necessarily able to make the kind of impressions that create raving fans and serve to perpetuate the life of your company.

The reality is, you need a sustainable marketing plan– one that assures the promises you make to your customers when closing a sale can be kept throughout the entire customer experience.

At Lauterback Consulting, an optimized, contemporary revenue generating platform is one of our most sought after services. We began our small business consulting practice by building business development processes and marketing campaigns in 1999. And, have been helping our clients streamline their customer finding processes ever since. During that time, we have assisted more than 200 small businesses to start up, grow and turnaround their fortunes.

Our marketing-related activities include:

  • Marketing plans
  • Promotional campaigns
  • New product development
  • Email campaigns
  • Print ads
  • Websites
  • Recruiting and sales training
  • Sales management
  • Tradeshow production
  • Product management


Contact Lauterback Consulting today for help establishing a marketing strategy that’s aimed at getting your small business off the ground, turning around your fortunes and sustaining the business development platform for years to come.