When employees feel detached productivity slips and turnover becomes more chronic thus setting a negative tone inside the company and out to customers. Undertaking a self-examination of culture and leadership practices is the first step to finding a solution and fixing a problem that could ultimately bring down your business.

Across the board improvement in employee outlook can have a very significant impact on breaking barriers, gaining buy-in and enjoying the varied benefits of a success-focused team; while the payback to the leader will be even more substantial.

Many business owners don’t lead, they may be the boss and direct internal activities, but they don’t lead. Evolving the culture and doing it with meaning requires important changes in leadership perspectives. Embracing a company-wide posture of mutual success can be a difficult concept for many business owners, but it’s one universal success component that today’s prominent big and small companies share.

Creating buy-in starts with you. And, you will likely need our help (or you would have done it by now). The commitment you made in starting or taking over the leadership role in your company will require a similar size effort to get it to operate under control in a highly sustainable way. When the leader undertakes a genuine personal effort toward changing their management practices the benefits are almost immeasurable.

Culture shift requires goals, systems, communication, data sharing (not necessarily raw numbers), and an objective outlook both internally and externally. Don’t continue to operate in a laissez-faire manner with pride, budget, inattention or ignored signals making success less and less likely.

Knowing what you want is the first step in making your vision reality. At Lauterback Consulting, we understand the difficulty of this task, and our consultants are trained to assist you in achieving this critical business transformation. If you have ever wondered what effect combining some of the native disciplines of a corporate culture into a closely-held business environment might create, our experts have done it with great success over the last 20 years in businesses very much like yours.