Turnaround + Interim management – Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Turnaround + Interim management – Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Challenge: This 70+ year old manufacturing company was acquired by partner A & B in 2001. Partner B is active in the business having retained old management to assure continuity. 15 years later the same management was in place, revenue had stagnated and systems had atrophied. The existing managers had never embraced contemporary operating methods [...]
Growth – Commercial Services

Growth – commercial services

Challenge: Industrial and commercial painting covers projects as broad as surface and interior coatings on water towers, at power plants, bridges, banks and apartment buildings. It was time for the founders to begin the task of transitioning to the next generation. They wanted to quantify all processes in the operation, then anticipated developing that operational template into a growth plan to assure future success.

Interim management – Architectural product manufacturing

Interim management – Architectural product manufacturing

Challenge: When a small company blossoms into an industry leader it is generally the result of an uncompromising drive and vision of the founder. But, many times one part of the organization suffers, in this instance, the inside of the company, its systems and culture become the victim of inevitable entrepreneurial limits. These blind spots [...]
Growth – Customer Finding For Small Manufacturer

Growth – Customer Finding for Small Manufacturer

Challenge: As a respected engineering and manufacturing provider to OEMs of small, precision components, our client is called upon to participate in the development of some very original products. Over the years a core group of customers sustained the business and a steady stream of innovate products inspired their plastic molding creativity. When it came [...]

Turnaround – “We don’t know who buys our valves”

Challenge: "We don't know where our products go!" Imagine your company has been operating for decades but is solely dependent upon a steady flow of inquiries from legacy customers that just call when they need something. Over the last 25 years, as the manufacturing sector in the US has been subjected to product innovation and [...]

Accelerating Growth – Coffee Distribution

Challenge: Our client the market’s largest regional wholesaler of coffee and related products to independent convenience, bagel, gas station, deli and general food stores, has seen the universe of prospective customer shrink over the last ten years. This situation is primarily due to the aggressive proliferation of chain operators in the coffee & convenience segment. [...]