Growth/Organizational Development - Lauterback Consulting

Growth/Organizational Development

Challenge: Get growing and back under control. An engineering and manufacturing company produces a miniaturized robotic inspection device used to access the internal components of large generators used in power plants. The company had a new opportunity when its major customer, a generator manufacturer exited the service end of the business. A new product was [...]
Turnaround – Jewelry Manufacturing

Turnaround – Jewelry Manufacturing

Challenge: They had it all - a distinguished product, 90+ year legacy, superior production methods and a loyal customer base. This firm was on the way to insolvency as a result of obsolete management practices including failure to find advantage in a shifting market. Production lead time was unacceptable, the customer base was losing faith [...]
Organizational Development

Organizational development – Jobsite services

Challenge: This well-established service provider needed to refresh their brand and build a more sustainable process for communicating to their constituents about the importance of identifying underground obstacles in advance of site work. At the same time, jobsite protocols needed to be enhanced to deliver on the promises made in the promotional communications. Plan: The [...]
Start Up – Luxury Food Retailer

Start-up – Luxury Food Retailer

Challenge: The founders of a new gourmet food market planned to offer the best available food across nine separate departments from premium meats to indulgent deserts. Lauterback Consulting had 90 days to create and build the brand in which we were hampered by a low visibility setting. Plan: Although, at the time we had no [...]
Start Up – Innovative New Service Concept

Start-up – Innovative new service concept

Challenge: Black Umbrella was established to as a national service provider of emergency safety plans for families. Being first to market has great advantages but educating the market takes time and resources. Launching a new product requires building upon an existing brand plus impressive product differentiation and creative promotion. But, when an entrepreneur offers a [...]
Growth/Organizational Development

Growth/Organizational development

Challenge: A small, innovative neighborhood pharmacy chain serves a diverse mix of customers. From retail prescription services to the high-volume needs of long-term care facilities, the two channels required two different approaches. When it came time to institute a business development process, operating efficiently and retaining important, high volume customers no one in the company [...]