Get the operational controls that end the frustrating, repetitive dependence
your people require.

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When you need an able bridge during a crisis, a better way to “engineer” your operations, or build a powerful customer finding process. Lauterback Consulting has an economical, Part Time COO solution. 

A strong and resilient business is process-driven on all fronts. The fundamental secret to success is to operate under control through a fully documented operating platform. Some small companies have been able to create and refine their systems on their own. Others have made that responsibility a part-time undertaking performed by an independent COO. That person’s role, our role, is to evaluate, create a plan, take control (and the heat), and implement. When the job is done the commitment ends and ongoing duties revert back to the organization, to a new or existing leader/manager.

Using the same tools, my Part Time COO program also allows a business to operate during transition. Such transitions may be the result of self-discovery, general frustration, changing market conditions, management difficulties, forced transitions, or other business challenge.

Throughout this website, Steve Lauterback explains the importance of systems and an operations manual to memorialize processes, eliminate frustrating and redundant problems, build the best customer development machine in your field, and give the leader ways to get more strategic time, or to just enjoy the luxury to pursue something new. 

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