We Are The Experts In Small Business Growth & Turnaround. It’s Time For You To Become Profitable Again!

If you’re like most small business owners you probably wonder everyday how your business could be making more, operating more efficiently, or how your direct role in day-to-day activities could be substantially reduced. While you run your business we create and implement systems and new efficiencies in the primary business functions. This new orientation and operating platform has proven, in over 200 previous client engagements to boost revenue by around 20%. You’ll see results in 90 days, have an operating protocol for everything in your business, and all while enjoying significantly more pleasant days at work.

What would your role be like if you had a more substantial operating platform directing the primary functions of your company? Unlike other consultants that work with small companies, I offer 20 years of small business consulting together with earlier career, high-level corporate positions  (like running a division at Jacuzzi Inc.). This unique combination of skills and experiences quickly brings operational discipline to looser, more casually run companies. The Lauterback Consulting Control Plan™ provides my clients with high-performing systems for every function in their company.

Whether you are ready for a “next-level” advance, are operating with an ineffective business development platform or your culture needs a refresh; The Control Plan™ doesn’t just re-power the customer finding function, it creates the disciplines and protocols to operate under control, make more money and run your business like you expected when you started.

There are growth and turnaround experts in $50 and $500 million businesses, but very few experts that can fully assist a small business with all the direction and implementation skills required to quickly improve across the board, and do so in a way that will start to show encouraging results within three months. When small business leaders come to me, they get a dedicated, proven and affordable expert ready to get involved, demonstrate appropriate methods, earn the participation of their staff, and is eager to mentor your team when the work is done and it’s time to get out of the way.

No other New Jersey small business growth and turnaround specialist has my skills, experience and a genuine desire to help you take control of your business in a way you never thought possible.

Get the help you need to grow, organize or turnaround your company:
• Build robust, sustainable business development systems
• Address operational challenges and boost efficiency
• Gain organizational buy-in from staff, solve problems before they get to you
• Learn new management skills,
• Create a turn-key operational platform, manual and dashboard for “real-time” management

Find out why so many 2, 10 or 25 employee companies have come to me to help sustain their future. Call me today to discuss your business challenges?