Consultants meeting around a conference tableThe greatest asset in any small business is its people; a willing, well-trained and dedicated team should be the principle asset you count on to energize the enterprise and respond to the guidance of the leader.  For businesses of all sizes, to consistently compete and win in today’s competitive marketplace, it requires the ever-present pursuit of efficiency and consistency among your people.

At the structural core of a successful business are its operational processes. Such organizations utilize a step-by-step operating platform for each aspect of the business and every position that supports the organization. Without these critical procedures, individuals will create their own ad hoc processes that breed complacency, a non-productive environment, and a culture of operating within silos.

It is often your team members – the people who serve your customers, work in the shop, out in the field, or in the “back office” that have the greatest insights as to the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems and strategies. Typically, the best way to improve both efficiency and employee buy-in, is to gain insights as to what they do, and how and why they do it, and then together identify and implement process improvements.

At Lauterback Consulting, we know what to look for and how to implement effective change.

To help you determine how well your current internal processes are running, we will:

  • Audit the steps taken by your employees in all functional areas;
  • Uncover the snags and inefficiencies in those processes
  • Recommend alternative methods to achieve more efficient systems; and
  • Effectively implement new procedures.


Many times addressing the people/process gap in a small company becomes a “past due” matter that only gains urgency. So if your systems are tired, and your staff is becoming complacent, reach out to Lauterback Consulting for the help you need. Change is a challenge, but well worth the undertaking to strengthen your business and enjoy the benefits of operating under control.