Large service firms in engineering, mining, power generation, demolition, industrial management, large commercial or government contracting, have a need to differentiate themselves like any other highly competitive business.

Sure, being the most efficient and claiming the low cost producer position is important. But, having the best reputation in any specialized area is what motivates prospects to put your firm on the bidders list.

Creating a good reputation for your company starts with a comprehensive program to enhance the services performed by every player, in every department.

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Our evaluative process will lead to the creation of operational protocols and the internal training to make it happen.

Once the team is on board, it is time to package the story in words and images. Our objective is to create a lasting impression in the minds of both selection and financial decision makers.

Who are these decision makers and where do they get their information? They are the consultants, engineers, architects, government procurement officials and others in the white hot center of your industry.

Our hands-on experience in industrial services affords us the background to create news releases, trade advertisements, articles, direct mail and word-of-mouth recommendations that build and reinforce your company’s value proposition.

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