A typical engagement involves a discovery segment, followed by the development of a plan. The plan will address the issues brought to light in the initial step. The final segment is referred to as implementation, where the factors are addressed and solutions are instituted.

Growth, operational efficiency and turnaround strategies usually involve the same approaches, the only difference is a turnaround requires more urgency. Dedicating 10 to 20 hours per month usually means that initial results become evident after about 3 – 4 months. An average engagement may go from 3-4 months to a year, while on-going requirements are of an indefinite duration.

Cost will vary depending on estimated time requirements, but our service rates are flexible enough to meet almost any financial circumstance. A more accurate answer can be provided during our initial call.

This practice offers 40+ years of guidance to small business leaders, gained from working with over 200 companies in an advisory capacity, and leading corporate departments in a variety of industries before that. The operating areas in which Lauterback Consulting can provide assistance include: building sustainable customer development processes, leading operational efficiency initiatives, facilitating improvements in a company’s culture, addressing partnership & family-in-business challenges, and providing management skill development guidance.

Greater profitability, more revenue, more customers, more self-directed employees, more enjoyable days at work, more time to pursue strategic matters or just more personal time.

No. Since our activities center on a “business as process perspective,” we have the ability to apply cost saving, customer finding, leadership and team building process improvements in commercial, service, professional and retail entities.

Give me a call. Or, before the call, take the 5 Point Growth Diagnostic. Once complete the system will automatically forward your results to you and me for review. After that, we will schedule a 45 minute call and I’ll have more information in hand so that our call will be most productive.