When productivity slips or turnover becomes more chronic, it sets a negative tone inside the company and out to your customers.  This indicates the need to examine the culture and leadership practices within the company.  A lack of positive communication around the goals and objectives of the company creates an atmosphere of delusion, supposition and lots of questions. In this way, an internal course correction can be more significant and long-lasting to the overall success of the company.

In the absence of any formal process for enlightenment, the members of your team are left to determine their own levels of interaction and standards toward one another and your customers. Instead, we will help you lead your team in this effort. Your employees and other business representatives are much more likely to provide enthusiasm that fosters a productive environment if they:

  • Know their leader’s objective(s).
  • Have been given an opportunity to participate.
  • Are regularly acknowledged for their contributions.
  • Understand what their role is in reaching the organization’s objective.

Shifting the culture within your company requires a constant effort, but it can pay dividends if you, as the leader, can make the transition work. At Lauterback Consulting, we understand the difficulty of this task, and our consultants are trained to assist you in achieving this all-important business transformation.