What’s A Good Touch?

Almost 40 years ago a market research firm, estimated that a person living in an urban/suburban area saw around 2,000 commercial messages a day. When the survey was updated in 2007 the figure had more than doubled to almost 5,000 impressions daily. Now, consider the growth of content (newsletter) marketing, commercial texts and tweets; the […]

Good product + bad service = market share opportunity!!!

For companies operating in legacy industries many have yet to jettison old methods. The status quo is still driving most operational processes. It’s that inside looking out perspective of “good enough” that won’t make it in the new economy. The progressive players across every industry have an outside looking in perspective. They see their company […]

How to Audit Your Marketing

Most small companies will classify themselves as either operations-led or customer- led. An operations-led business looks at the world from the inside out. Many times their strengths are around the methods they employ in making their products or delivering their services. These businesses usually get high marks for process efficiencies, intellectual ability and problem solving. […]

Many Legacy Manufacturers Have Deficient Business Development Platforms

We should not be surprised but we are! Several conventional manufacturers we work with have survived the extreme sport of global and commodity-like competition. Yet, each one of these businesses have made very little progress in advancing their customer development systems. The most common conclusions that come out of our initial meetings with these manufacturers […]