Are you going in tomorrow to do what you did yesterday?

Let’s say you run a small, non-retail business in a legacy industry (one that hasn’t changed too much in the last 25, or more years). Revenue is several million dollars and things have been flat or modestly up and/or down the last few years. You’ve seen weaker companies fall by the wayside, a couple grow […]

5 Steps to Better Controls for Your Small Business

Like any business, small companies today have to be real good at a wider range of operational functions, especially when leaders and staff members have multiple responsibilities. In many of these businesses daily tasks are done from muscle memory rather than in documented steps generally found in multi-level organizations. Now, image a week at your […]

Almost All Small Businesses Could Be Doing 20% Better

Whether your company is running well or your fortunes are more ellusive, a 20% boost in revenue is more than achievable in almost any circumstance! That’s right – given the right understanding of market needs and the right effort in the right place almost any business can do much better. Getting the right help When the numbers start […]

Turnaround Chronicle – Jewelry Manufacturing

With a distinguished product, 90+ year legacy, superior manufacturing methods and a loyal customer base, you can still lose the war. This firm was on the way to insolvency as a result of family-conflicted management practices and a failure to find advantage in a shifting market. The firm had a very provocative product story that […]

The myopia in struggling small companies

A bigger role for the business development function coupled with process and employee improvements drives turnaround fortunes in small companies. On the inside underperforming companies are primarily challenged by cultural matters, process issues or an insufficient offering which, after prolonged inattention, reveal themselves as money problems. In certain instances, leadership is unable or uninterested in […]

Raising the bar on yourself inflicts pain on competitors

If you run a business in a legacy industry you may be in one of these three places. 1) The industry has recently transitioned due to technology changing the way people acquire your products and services. 2) A bank-like competitor with plenty of resources is acquiring competitors and consolidating the industry. 3) If you are […]