Are Your Employees Bad For Business?

Most employees either contribute to value-added operations around the offering, or they interface with prospects and customers facilitating transactions. Although we’d love to have the people in the shop demonstrating customer-led behaviors, the ones with direct interface, at any level, are the ones with the greatest individual responsibility for customer retention. Engineer the customer experience […]

7 Considerations for Getting the Right Help for Your Company

Growing and sustaining a midmarket company takes concentration in the three primary areas of operations, finance and marketing. Business leaders know they can’t be experts in all areas today, but budgetary constraints may mean covering the deficit in an alternative way. Business consultants can be a valuable resource in filling the void, provided you know […]

What changes would you make if you were restarting your business?

One of the most provocative questions used in an audit of a firm’s business development process is what would you do differently. Everyone always has an answer and it’s always full of insight. The big follow-up question is “so why don’t you do it now?” Many business leaders are so invested in the direction they […]