What changes would you make if you were restarting your business?

One of the most provocative questions used in an audit of a firm’s business development process is what would you do differently. Everyone always has an answer and it’s always full of insight. The big follow-up question is “so why don’t you do it now?” Many business leaders are so invested in the direction they […]

Good product + bad service = market share opportunity!!!

For companies operating in legacy industries many have yet to jettison old methods. The status quo is still driving most operational processes. It’s that inside looking out perspective of “good enough” that won’t make it in the new economy. The progressive players across every industry have an outside looking in perspective. They see their company […]

“If it touches the customer, it’s marketing”™

If the goal of marketing your small or midsize business is to find and keep customers, you want every customer’s experience to be positive. Engineering the customer experience at every turn can only enhance the relationship you have with your customers. Some customer touch points are obvious – sales interactions, marketing communications, customer service calls […]