Turn your Company into a Science Project

Beyond obsolescence, Internet effect or industry consolidation, the solutions to the underperformance problems that face a closely-held company are process driven on all fronts. Beginning with the setting of realistic, attainable goals; every business does better when it has perfected a sustainable process for the critical functions that drive that business. This requires being fully […]

5 Steps to Better Controls for Your Small Business

Like any business, small companies today have to be real good at a wider range of operational functions, especially when leaders and staff members have multiple responsibilities. In many of these businesses daily tasks are done from muscle memory rather than in documented steps generally found in multi-level organizations. Now, image a week at your […]

Business Tune-up – the 3 essentials

Working exclusively with closely-held companies provides a perspective that can benefit other business leaders in similar circumstances. If your company is underperforming, look inside and outside for clues to addressing these challenges. Most external issues concern the obsolescence of the offering, changes in the way customers buy the offering, or the strong economic forces of […]

Getting the house in order – Preparing for the final entrepreneurial transition

We hear a lot about the businesses that transition before the proprietor is ready. From going feet first to outliving the business and locking the door for the very last time, getting the most out of your present circumstances seems to make the most sense. The question of what to do with an underperforming legacy […]

Anatomy of a small company turnaround

Competitive advantages such as proprietary products, unique skills, superior processes or intellectual property are not enough to assure a sustainable future. If not in a consolidating or obsolete industry, most companies fail due to leadership deficits. Correcting these deficiencies in a small company where everyone has multiple commitments is like changing a tire on a […]