Differentiation in Traditional Businesses

Is your company one of many? Are you an insurance agency, hardware distributor, tire store, local printer, plastic molder, pizza restaurant, appliance repair business, sign maker or any other of the wonderful and varied businesses that serve local business or retail customers? There are lots of reasons that one player emerges and does particularly well […]

What are all those cars doing driving off all those cliffs?

The business that brought you business – advertising, is going through a major metamorphosis due to the new media ground shift. It looks like that one “big idea” thing big advertising campaigns are built upon probably requires only enough advertising industry infrastructure for a few hundred “nationally-advertised” brands. That leaves over 4 million businesses, clamoring […]

Satisfaction = Expectation – Reality

The closer your business comes to delivering on the entire purchase experience the higher the customer satisfaction and the greater the opportunity for a flattering referral. Nothing beats a strong testimonial from a recent customer to stimulate the next sale. If you think beyond the usual parameters of adequate service, if you become curious about […]