Marketing's Only Rule

Marketing’s Only Rule

It has to be the truth! Are your customers satisfied? Nothing is more disparaging for accomplished marketers than to hear someone say, “Oh, that’s just marketing hype,” when referring to promotional claims for a substandard product or service. In today’s competitive climate the standards of performance are not set by your industry, your engineers or […]

Real Marketing – The turnaround secret weapon

The internal factors that are most likely to compromise the success of an organization include process inefficiencies, leadership challenges, and a weak or non-existent business development platform. Marketing is not just promotional components like websites and newsletters but the primary activities required to design and invigorate the process of engineering the customers’ purchase experience. This […]

Getting the house in order – Preparing for the final entrepreneurial transition

We hear a lot about the businesses that transition before the proprietor is ready. From going feet first to outliving the business and locking the door for the very last time, getting the most out of your present circumstances seems to make the most sense. The question of what to do with an underperforming legacy […]

Growth acceleration, working with a specialist

Small and midsize companies that have existed over several generations maintain their longevity when they possess unique advantages in product, processes or markets. But conditions always change, competitive methods evolve, and one time leaders can easily turn into followers. Without careful stewardship, long established privately-held businesses can quickly exhaust the benefits of an infrastructure that […]