When Business Owners Don’t Lead

  Some business owners don’t lead, they may be the boss and manage internal activities, but they’re not true leaders. Running almost any contemporary enterprise, from service provider to challenged manufacturing company requires more and different skills than even 10 years ago. The most important contemporary success component is an inspired leader. In many legacy […]

4 Changes that will Fix Your Small Company - Lauterback Consulting

4 Changes that will Fix Your Small Company

If you run a business experiencing shrinking sales, employee compliancy or operational inefficiencies, you are not alone. Although more small companies are growing than ever before, many more are lagging for reasons that are easily corrected. . A handful of factors account for most of the problems in smaller companies: • Lack of effective operational […]

Creating The Trust That Purchase Decision Depend On - Lauterback Consulting

Creating the trust that purchase decisions depend on

Marketing is a strategy to help your business find new customers while captivating the ones you already have. This requires listening – really listening – to what your customers’ needs are now and anticipating their future expectations. This success component requires constant attention and nurturing. And, in order for your marketing to be successful, you […]

Are Your Employees Bad For Business?

Most employees either contribute to value-added operations around the offering, or they interface with prospects and customers facilitating transactions. Although we’d love to have the people in the shop demonstrating customer-led behaviors, the ones with direct interface, at any level, are the ones with the greatest individual responsibility for customer retention. Engineer the customer experience […]