It’s the same targeting approaches used to win elections!

The best Biz Dev’l method I have ever seen! If you own a business, any kind of business, have responsibility for bringing in customers, or know someone that does, you/they absolutely need to know about digital conversion funnel platforms. “Funnels” use highly developed formulas to identify “in-the-market” prospects with significantly greater accuracy, at higher volume counts than […]

Real Marketing – The turnaround secret weapon

The internal factors that are most likely to compromise the success of an organization include process inefficiencies, leadership challenges, and a weak or non-existent business development platform. Marketing is not just promotional components like websites and newsletters but the primary activities required to design and invigorate the process of engineering the customers’ purchase experience. This […]

Turnaround Job #1 – Get Better at Getting Business

Every business utilizes a set of processes to manage the operational functions that support its revenue generation system. The process of finding and keeping customers is by far the most important engine in the enterprise. Many small and midsize companies may still be applying grandpa’s old methods, shooting from the hip or, leaving this domain […]