Turnaround + Interim management – Electrical Equipment Manufacturing


This 70+ year old manufacturing company was acquired by partner A & B in 2001. Partner B is active in the business having retained old management to assure continuity. 15 years later the same management was in place, revenue had stagnated and systems had atrophied. The existing managers had never embraced contemporary operating methods nor improved the business development platform.


A robust plan to address deficiencies was immediately developed. Recognizing the specific strengths of the existing team, individuals were moved into areas where their experience and abilities could be better utilized to the advantage of the company. A fast track recruiting plan added capable talent in manufacturing and inventory control. Lauterback assumed both an advisory role as well as taking reporting responsibility for sales management. A new product line was developed to meet the new regulatory requirements for industrial and commercial lighting. A more robust management process for improving internal communications and heightening understanding of customer expectations for the company and its products was initiated. Finally, partner B would be better schooled to become a more proactive leader eliminating the reactive posture that contributed to the dysfunction.


Immediate results included leadership skill improvement, the rebuilding of operational processes and creation of a business development system. The recent up-turn in revenue is believed to be motivated by the staff’s encouraging response to new priorities and teambuilding activities begun at the outset of the engagement.