Start Up – Luxury Food Retailer


The founders of a new gourmet food market planned to offer the best available food across nine separate departments from premium meats to indulgent deserts. Lauterback Consulting had 90 days to create and build the brand in which we were hampered by a low visibility setting.


Although, at the time we had no experience in either luxury brand marketing or food retailing, it is the fundimentals that all retail business must embrace at the outset. The creative effort was to develop a meaningful identity for this flagship location. The plan highlighted several primary objectives: build awareness, create anticipation in advance of opening, invest in loyalty mechanisms and motivate referrals by customers to their communities. Positioned as “the best food shopping experience in New Jersey,” Lauterback created a compelling promotional theme (i.e. Food for Fine Tastes), developed consistent customer service protocols, and designed a print and online promotional platform. Highlights included an especially elegant website, social media and text message platform, point-of-sale messaging programs, a bi-weekly circular, loyalty program and more. The overall intent was to impress with every detail, thus making a well-finessed in-store experience that much more critical.


During the launch period the market was able to attract and retain new customers, and exceeded its store traffic objectives.