Organizational Development


This well-established service provider needed to refresh their brand and build a more sustainable process for communicating to their constituents about the importance of identifying underground obstacles in advance of site work. At the same time, jobsite protocols needed to be enhanced to deliver on the promises made in the promotional communications.


The company leader is an accomplished tactician when it came to maintaining a database and authoring a direct mail campaign. But, the materials needed more force and resonance. Lauterback developed a provocative tag line that creatively integrated the logo, authored a new website and began an email and direct mail campaign. The program walked a delicate line between fun and fear. We also ran a competitor survey that exposed opportunities for service expansion. Our team building methods addressed the inconsistencies in the methods utilized by each technician.


The firm now purports to be the leading provider of locating services in the markets they serve. Plans for expansion of services, and looking into new markets are being developed with our assistance. Overall, the company reports more repeat customers and increases in sales in spite of a general decline in new construction.