Interim management – Architectural product manufacturing


When a small company blossoms into an industry leader it is generally the result of an uncompromising drive and vision of the founder. But, many times one part of the organization suffers, in this instance, the inside of the company, its systems and culture become the victim of inevitable entrepreneurial limits. These blind spots are known to compromise stability and the resulting inattention contributes to operational inefficiencies, extended lead times, constant priority shifts and unhappy customers.


Stable companies have efficient processes, good staff and a competitive offering. Since the first steps, the people part of operating under control yield the greatest results; trust between parties has to be established right from the start. Thereafter, making accurate initial assessments around synergistic solutions, gaining team support and holding the players accountable produced an effective operational platform. Lauterback designed and managed the implementation of this more robust organizational structure. We formalized reporting channels while providing that independent-minded leader with the room to both be himself and enjoy the rewards of better systems and controls.


The firm has experienced a steady growth in revenue aided by our contributions. The new VP/general manager and the owner are working in harmony, and sales have increased over 20% in each of the 2 years since our engagement.