Growth/Organizational Development - Lauterback Consulting


Get growing and back under control. An engineering and manufacturing company produces a miniaturized robotic inspection device used to access the internal components of large generators used in power plants. The company had a new opportunity when its major customer, a generator manufacturer exited the service end of the business. A new product was developed; however, management felt their “go in tomorrow to do what we did yesterday” posture might create stresses that could affect the project.


The company put the entire engineering team to work on a new design that would allow greater versatility through inspection of systems made by other manufacturers. Their engineering and production services had always been highly regarded. But, getting everyone in rhythm and focused on time lines had the company owner concerned that his market opportunity could be missed.

Once Lauterback Consulting earned the engagement, a thorough review of the operating methods and to-market strategy was undertaken. As a result of our investigation, it became clear that old, poorly defined management and reporting platforms existed. This, together with a lack of proactive business development activities could negatively impact the project internally and in relations with buyers and prospects.

A leadership initiative was developed to address the cultural challenges. This included, regular formal and informal staff interactions, development of job descriptions, and an employee review platform. The initiative resulted in better understanding of expectations by management and challenges felt by employees. Behaviors were modeled by management and expectations were clearly expressed. With our help, when challenges appeared, they were immediately handled.

A proactive marketing process was developed so that the company could solicit prospective customers while the new product was being developed. Awareness campaigns included direct sales activities, creation and use of a CRM, seminars and participation in trade events.


When the product was introduced at the annual power generation trade show the firm had already made sales. Management reports that the initiatives that stabilized and motivated the staff are still delivering positive results. An operations manual was created to memorialize all processes developed or revised during the engagement. The company is growing again and operating under control.