Growth – Customer Finding For Small Manufacturer


As a respected engineering and manufacturing provider to OEMs of small, precision components, our client is called upon to participate in the development of some very original products. Over the years a core group of customers sustained the business and a steady stream of innovate products inspired their plastic molding creativity. When it came time to find some new customers the essential components of a customer development infrastructure had to be built from scratch.


During the initial evaluation we saw passion around new ideas that were evidenced in the different parts and molds they were designing. Our discovery process included qualitative interactions with representatives of leading customers, investigation of buyer profiles and identification of logical target industries that the client could best serve based upon their skills, experience, and geography. The centerpiece of the campaign became a sample part mailing initiative named Problem Part Solutions. The arrival of a small, slick looking package that piques curiosity with the rattling sound of the part inside, has been intriguing the client’s targets and boosting recognition. The remaining components of the campaign include authoring a new website, building and populating the database, and creating a discussion forum through our Learning Center website pages. The latter further highlights the client’s industry credentials, and positions our social media activities.


All marketing initiatives have been successfully implemented. Now, Lauterback is charged with maintaining the regular cadence of the program and managing the follow-up process. Our involvement assures that the customer interaction is kept fresh and business opportunities are identified. The client is happy to focus on their skills and trusts us to guide their strategy. Past results, measured in visits and leads immediately after mailings are directly responsible for a substantial portion of new revenue.