Growth – Commercial Services


Industrial and commercial painting covers projects as broad as surface and interior coatings on water towers, at power plants, bridges, banks and apartment buildings. It was time for the founders to begin the task of transitioning to the next generation. They wanted to quantify all processes in the operation, then anticipated developing that operational template into a growth plan to assure future success.


Lauterback was selected to analyze the operation, determine what was working and build a robust business development program to drive growth. When we presented our plans to the management team the senior manager was the lone skeptic. “I have one major reservation,” he told us, “it all sounds great on paper, but how is my team going to make this happen, we’re painters?” Lauterback responded, “You don’t do it, we do it – together; implementing your plan then mentoring your people when it's time to get out of the way.”


The first full year after our initial engagement the company reported a 30% increase in sales. With our help they hired a sales force, created promotional programs using direct mail, Internet, social media and much more. The second generation has taken over most of the day-to-day operational responsibilities for the company. Although we have been back for several added projects, the student has become the teacher from the standpoint of driving new promotional initiatives. The firm is on a solid track emerging as one of the leading industrial painting contractors in the Northeastern US.