Business Startegy


It happens in every industry. After years of fine service by their subcontractors, upper management determines the vendor selection process needs stronger controls. The provider is told that the company will consolidate vendors from 16 players down to 5. The provider is great at deploying the right people, has the right equipment and determination, but is concerned about making the right transactional impression.


Leading with our experience in almost 200 different businesses, Lauterback Consulting was selected to create a provocative submittal that would best showcase the firm's suitability as a primary resource. Employing our proprietary Strategic Analysis Platform, Lauterback interviewed management and staff to create a baseline of information. A competitive analysis was then completed to determine the primary factors that would favor our client. A submittal package addressing the final points of the bid solicitor's selection criteria, complete with provocative graphics and in-depth background was finalized and submitted.


The contractor was selected as a primary provider based upon the professional submittal prepared on their behalf. Subsequently we created and launched a website and have served the firm in other ways over the past several years.