Our client the market’s largest regional wholesaler of coffee and related products to independent convenience, bagel, gas station, deli and general food stores, has seen the universe of prospective customer shrink over the last ten years. This situation is primarily due to the aggressive proliferation of chain operators in the coffee & convenience segment.

The primary purpose of the engagement was to build brand awareness, preference and loyalty among “morning-drive” coffee drinkers to create a "pull-through" affect. At the same time, a retailer-focused campaign to educate and strengthen the independent retailers’ arsenal in competing against nationally advertised products was evident.


Recognizing the financial limitations attached to mounting a regional campaign against some of the biggest consumer advertisers in the nation, we designed a multifaceted consumer awareness program that could stand up to the din of the market. The consumer campaign premise embellished the luxury connotation inherent in this more flavorful coffee and connected it to other “best of” New York icons like: NY pizza, NY bagels, and NY cheese cake. Components of the program were designed to increase brand awareness, preference and loyalty.

The retailer side of the effort is designed to better educate food store operators on the incremental profit opportunities around better coffee and customer retention. In addition to the B2B website Lauterback developed a series of informational communications, in-store materials and a newsletter campaign. Further, we assisted in transitioning wholesaler delivery personnel from drivers to route sales representatives. This activity is consistent with snack food jobbers and brands like Boar’s Head. Team building sessions, and evaluative tools were developed by us to assist management in elevating the workforce in meeting higher job requirements.


Initial market study provided intense focus on properly targeting new customers and providing more point of sale tools to existing retail outlets. We learned how important coffee is to driving traffic during morning drive. We took these results and built a provocative retailer communication promotion that illustrates 10 areas where our client can provide assistance in building coffee profits for retailers. The program helped the retailers to challenge, not fear the chain operators.