Smaller businesses in traditional industries need to move beyond surviving, which is a worn-out concept that saps everyone’s energy. The future for companies in these industries is process driven on all fronts.

You are, or may know a company owner that has many of the right facets for greater success. But, due to other constraints are struggling to find the right formula, make the hard choices or further develop their own leadership skills.

Most small companies do something, other than selling, well. If the underperformance comes from obsolesce in operational systems, lack of a sales platform, or an unwieldy culture, few advisors will have the skills to fix it.

My work encompasses reengineering the revenue development platform, improving operational processes and refreshing the company culture. These formal leadership and mentoring activities have assisted well-over 100 “bigger” small companies to grow, turnaround and reengineer their operations.

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  • Business Strategy – Situation analysis and plan development. Evaluation of operational, sales, competitor and customer activities followed by creation of written plan for a more viable future.
  • Interim COO – Dependable, capable and invested leadership. Typical circumstances may include skill development and mentoring for senior managers, interim leadership, and special assignments such as acquisition assessment.
  • Marketing Leadership – Development and implementation of robust and sustainable platforms for finding and keeping customers. Product development, promotional/advertising programs, brand building and rebranding.
  • Change Management – Team building, assessments, job descriptions, employee review, downsizing, upsizing. Improvement in internal communications and articulation of organizational objectives.
  • Process Improvement – Assessment, optimize operational systems, quality improvement, work flow enhancement. Bottom line shop and work flow efficiencies increase profits while improving customer satisfaction.

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