The 20-minute Marketing Assessment


Running any business requires strong fundamentals. Of the primary processes found in any enterprise customer finding [marketing] drives everything else. Without it, no business can expect to survive. Knowing where you stand and where you need to make progress is found in your marketing plan.

Building a robust and sustainable “customer development machine,” is an elusive goal for most leaders of private companies. The daily rapid-fire succession of in-coming demands, many requiring snap judgements and unsettling after-thoughts, soak-up more time than necessary.

Yes, it does take a lot longer than 20 minutes to zero-in on the right combination of promotional steps, but you have to start somewhere. Change the spacing and make a copy of the questions that follow, then, in the space you created, write down thoughts, ideas and answers as they come to mind. Once all the questions have been answered summarize your notes using the following heading chronology. The perspectives should inspire some promotional ideas or point you to the resources that can.

1. How are your competitors preparing for the future?
2. What is your present customer profile and how might it change?
3. What do prospects and clients believe is the greatest flaw in your industry?
4. How are you positioned in the area of competitive products and services?

Internal Truths
1. Is the product/service what the world wants? If not what would it love?
2. If you were competing against your company, where would you attack us?
3. Review strengths and weaknesses
4. Review opportunities and threats
5. If you were starting from scratch today, what would we do differently?

Business Development
1. How do customers learn about your company?
2. Assess the condition of your customer/prospect database
3. Assess lead targets – decision makers, specifiers and centers of influence.
4. What markets or groups created the most sales?
5. Detail the primary activities of your sales force.

Need some greater insights for optimizing the other pillars of your operation? Challenges in motivating the crew, streamlining processes, or strengthening leadership skills? The foundation of business success, it’s where we get involved.