It’s the same targeting approaches used to win elections!

The best Biz Dev’l method I have ever seen!

If you own a business, any kind of business, have responsibility for bringing in customers, or know someone that does, you/they absolutely need to know about digital conversion funnel platforms.

“Funnels” use highly developed formulas to identify “in-the-market” prospects with significantly greater accuracy, at higher volume counts than were possible, ever. A digital funnel, like the

The Marketing Funnel

word implies is designed to engage prospects through a discovery journey, at the very time they begin information gathering for the products and services you offer. And, the price won’t scare you.

Funnels are a very recent arrival on the business development front. And, progressive marketers and business owners have embraced them as a very worthy advance in customer finding. The qualified lead rates are off the charts compared to the typical methods and random results others get from haphazard online methods, like every other e-newsletter campaign. Further, compared to networking in the industries where we’ve had experience, the lead rates are faster and much less work. In fact, overall those who have used our funnels have actually lowered their marketing costs.

Don’t let your competitors get it first

You may have heard me say, “The most important process in any business is a system that provides a steady flow of qualified leads.” Funnel technology is new, and it is very economical. In fact, after a reasonable set-up fee the best package we offer is under $1,300/month for a fully automated platform.

With the competitive landscape in every business becoming more of an extreme sport, and the return on unstructured business development methods on an ever-descending trajectory, you need to know more about funnels now, before others in your business adapt the method.

I know you want to stay ahead, and I know you need some new ideas. Find out more now. Here are two articles to help you get a jump on understanding the digital funnel process:
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Or, browse at will for search terms like:
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Early indications show that applying a digital funnel for small businesses can have a very significant effect on leads and closed business. Let me come in to show you in a ½ hour session, how this inventive process can be the most effective business development platform you have seen in years.

Call or email me now. Steve Lauterback 201-306-4134,, for an innovative, significantly more productive, highly automated alternative to your current prospecting methods.

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