Growth or Turnaround, Not Just More Customers - Lauterback Consulting

Growth or Turnaround, Not Just More Customers

  Before setting out on a fix for your under-performing company, determine whether your issue is predominantly internal or external. If the overriding factor is believed to be external the easiest indicator to look at for confirmation are your competitors. When others are experiencing similar challenges, digging deeper will help in determining whether some unconventional, […]

Almost All Small Businesses Could Be Doing 20% Better - Lauterback Consulting

Almost All Small Businesses Could Be Doing 20% Better

Whether your company is running well or your fortunes are more ellusive, a 20% boost in revenue is more than achievable in almost any circumstance! That’s right – given the right understanding of market needs and the right effort in the right place almost any business can do much better. Getting the right help When the numbers start […]

Creating The Trust That Purchase Decision Depend On - Lauterback Consulting

Creating the trust that purchase decisions depend on

Marketing is a strategy to help your business find new customers while captivating the ones you already have. This requires listening – really listening – to what your customers’ needs are now and anticipating their future expectations. This success component requires constant attention and nurturing. And, in order for your marketing to be successful, you […]

Business Mechanic – Small Company 911

Success today requires delivering on the promise of your brand. To do that each business function must support the other. Your people and your operational protocols must meet the expectations that your sales and promotional activities are generating. Resisting change is normal There are a ton of reasons why businesses underperform. In a smaller company […]