Marketing's Only Rule

Marketing’s Only Rule

It has to be the truth!

Are your customers satisfied? Nothing is more disparaging for accomplished marketers than to hear someone say, “Oh, that’s just marketing hype,” when referring to promotional claims for a substandard product or service.

In today’s competitive climate the standards of performance are not set by your industry, your engineers or even your ego. Success depends on meeting the customer’s expectations. Marketing cannot be expected to substitute for an aging product or substandard service.

It is marketing’s responsibility to interpret customer expectations, evaluate competitor’s products, and then be instrumental in internally raising the bar.

How refreshing would it be if the post office emulated the Disney World model for service, or if all cars came with the reliability of a Honda? Who sets the standards in your company?

I hope you will consider this idea as another piece of a long term, market-led process for your business.

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