How to make the most of your website

Your website is more than just a business card solution. Websites can offer opportunities never before available to small and midsize business. Here are a few tips to get you started on making the most of your company website:

Optimize! (for search engines and people)

Search engines like Google are always on the crawl for target keywords within your site’s visible and invisible content. By using keywords appropriately, you can bump your site to the top of Google searches and attract more visitors. Aside from attracting search engine bots, your content should also aim to keep customers (read: real people) within the pages of your website.

Answer their Questions

People will stay and read (and click and buy!) if they are convinced your service or product is something they want. If your site is content-rich and answers all the questions your customers might have, you will be able to increase the average amount of time people spend on your site. Think about potential questions your customers or site visitors might have, and be sure to include answers to all possible questions within your site content. Get creative – the last thing you want is to leave them guessing and abandon your site for another as they search for answers you couldn’t provide.

Become a Thought Leader

Not only can your website convince customers that your business provides a service or product that they might need, it can also show that you are an expert in your particular field. Blogs, white papers and other educational content on your site are great compliments to your business or product information. These tools are part of a holistic marketing strategy to validate your sales pitch and, more importantly, to brand your business as a thought leader in your industry. This strategy opens a back door to your site, and it provides yet another opportunity for search engine optimization.

Get creative with multimedia

Multimedia is a great way to keep customers on your site, and it’s an effective way to move up on search engine listings. Videos and photos break up your text, and they offer creative answers to questions your site visitors might have. Using multimedia is a creative messaging solution that can increase your legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers.

Don’t neglect social media

Linking your website to your social media pages allows customers to interact with your business on their own terms. Social media can help you be as available as possible, and there is no more powerful marketing tool than “sharing.”

The opportunities to grow your business online are boundless. These simple tips can help you get started, but there is no way to overstate the success you can achieve when you partner with a firm that has the talent and experience to maximize your marketing potential.

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