Fix my Company, Operate Under Control – Hiring a Business Improvement Specialist

The conditions that morph into gut-wrenching money problems and create further operational breakdowns are weak or insufficient systems for:

  1. Customer finding
  2. Operating under control
  3. Leading
  4. Keeping tabs
  5. Planning

When public companies face these challenges, they dedicate millions to consultants and taskforces, quickly addressing problems and getting back on track. When small businesses need help, they typically can only afford one expert.

There are plenty of marketing resources, CPAs, HR experts, coaches and consultants for specific problems that need fixing in a closely-managed business. However, few experts have the reputation and perspective, plus enough skills and experience to fix the whole operation.

What is a process improvement specialist and why do I need one?
A growth, optimization and turnaround specialist will evaluate the mission, history, goals and foundational systems that comprise any business. For chronic underperformers or those experiencing setbacks in uncharted waters, the fix typically involves getting an expert assessment, then help in implementation of an action plan.

Resources capable of correcting the interdepartmental challenges at the core of most business problems are relatively rare. Business owners that know their company can do better, look for consultants with loads of operations, marketing, people management and team building work in corporate assignments. That formal experience you are looking for should be augmented by years of consulting engagements in businesses similar to your own.

Don’t be like so many business leaders that keep their entire operations in their heads, start creating a more robust platform today. Optimizing systems, operating under control, having a sustainable flow of interested prospects and recurring customers, plus a workforce that is invested in the future, is what provides a business owner with more creative time, options and opportunities.

My passion has always been in fixing things, for the last 20 years that passion has been directed toward service businesses and light manufacturing companies. Get the help and interested, invested support you need to operate a healthy, optimized, lower stress company.