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Creating the trust that purchase decisions depend on

Marketing is a strategy to help your business find new customers while captivating the ones you already have. This requires listening – really listening – to what your customers’ needs are now and anticipating their future expectations. This success component requires constant attention and nurturing. And, in order for your marketing to be successful, you must be flexible and understanding.

In other words, marketing is all about relationship building.

Any therapist will tell you that the key to a successful relationship is trust. This holds true for businesses as well: few people will buy something from a person they don’t trust.

To help illuminate your customer trust index, start by asking yourself a few questions:

What is your message?

A clear and well-tailored message describing who you are and how you can serve your customer is critical to establishing trust. If a customer does not understand clearly what you are offering, even the best products and services will be passed by. Assess your customers and their needs, and use what you know about them to customize your message to appeal to these needs.

How is your website?

A website is a powerful medium, and it can be so much more than just a space to promote your products of services or a place to list your contact information. Your website has the potential to greatly assist in gaining trusting customers if you use the space as a well-rounded marketing tool. Visit my website news/blog post  to learn more about making the most of your online activities.

What do your raving fans say?

A customer that was happy with the result of your product or service can promote your business more powerfully than anyone. Prospective customers want to hear that you have met – or, better yet, exceeded – the needs of someone like them. This builds immediate trust. Customer reviews are key to securing new business with minimal expense for your marketing budget.

A successful business has to treat its marketing plan as a long-term strategy for growth and establishing trust, but gaining the trust of new customers may seem like a daunting challenge for many small businesses with smaller budgets and limited staff. Lauterback Marketing can help you. With over 30 years of experience gaining customer trust for our clients, we can help you attract more long-term business. Learn more about how our marketing services can help your small or midsize company grow.