When Business Owners Don’t Lead


Some business owners don’t lead, they may be the boss and manage internal activities, but they’re not true leaders. Running almost any contemporary enterprise, from service provider to challenged manufacturing company requires more and different skills than even 10 years ago. The most important contemporary success component is an inspired leader.

In many legacy companies the boss and the employees come in tomorrow to do what they did yesterday. Years of redundant actions and behaviors along with lack of new inputs breeds complacency and underperformance. Leaving well enough alone supports the law of diminishing returns.

Really leading results in a healthy culture-shift and improved fortunes. But it entails a commitment to changes in leadership perspectives that just won’t happen by itself.

But, we always did it this way!
Deciding to become a better leader and determining how to transition to such a posture is a big lift. Stimulation may come from a fresh look at revenue history over several years, or just an honest look in the shop or out in the field. Consider hiring a business consultant or broker who can perform an evaluation providing categorical results.

Fear is the greatest motivator. If the results of the evaluation are as anticipated, change is necessary. Create a mission that is worthy of the kind of effort that all winning teams share. Like a company softball team, your people have activities that stimulate them. Why can’t that same kind of stimulation begin at 8am weekdays? Make sure that each player on the team knows what his or her role is in realizing the goals you are focused on, then make the process into an internal ad campaign.

Get the help you need for this critical mind-shift. At Lauterback Consulting, we understand the difficulty of this task, and our consultants are trained to assist in achieving critical business transformation.