Business Mechanic – Small Company 911

Success today requires delivering on the promise of your brand. To do that each business function must support the other. Your people and your operational protocols must meet the expectations that your sales and promotional activities are generating.

Resisting change is normal
There are a ton of reasons why businesses underperform. In a smaller company tradition could be the most profound challenge of all. Testing your perceptions and gaining new insights might be difficult for the boss, but it is absolutely imperative to the sustainability of your company.  Cultivating the perspective, wisdom and cadence to manipulate change requires skills and insights that the founder may not be applying.

Are you the leader your company needs right now?
Underperforming companies are primarily challenged by process issues and cultural matters. Reengineering the core of the company can have a significant effect on customer satisfaction, profits, eliminating relational conflict and lessening owner fatigue.

Improving the operational infrastructure in a small business can be a delicate process that is best served by applying a unique mix of skills that include leadership improvement, strategic planning, operational insights, business development platforms and culture shift.

The new category of “Business Mechanic”
Our work with business owners (who find us, or are referred through their friends, lawyers, accountants and other trusted advisors) introduces a change management system developed specifically for smaller businesses in the $2 to $10 million category. Process improvement, culture shift, and the building of a sustainable customer finding process are a big part of our approach. However, nothing is more significant to our results than helping business owners be better leaders.

From a robust business development system to an infrastructure that efficiently and proudly fulfills customer requirements; a company that can no longer perform these functions well should not be surprised by the declining value of that business. If your operation has not received the attention it requires, you now have a qualified resource to rebuild value and re-target the monetary goals you once enjoyed.

Fix Your Company
Bring new life to an underperforming company in an otherwise stable industry. Call today for a free 5 point business diagnostic to find out how much life is left in your business.

Since 1999, Steve Lauterback and his associates have worked with owners of privately-held companies to build robust business development platforms, optimize operational systems and improve the culture. Our acquisition to partner option may be the right solution for a chronically underperforming company.