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Almost All Small Businesses Could Be Doing 20% Better

Whether your company is running well or your fortunes are more ellusive, a 20% boost in revenue is more than achievable in almost any circumstance! That’s right – given the right understanding of market needs and the right effort in the right place almost any business can do much better.

Getting the right help
When the numbers start looking bad accountants and lawyers are consulted, but the numbers are just a result of problems in one or more areas of your company – business development, weak systems, a needy culture and management deficiencies. There are growth and turnaround specialists for $50 and $500 million companies, but small business owners have limited options and are conflicted about what help they need.

Back to the 20% boost in revenue mentioned in the headline. Most experts agree, the fusion of optimization (something employees love to tackle, by the way), consistent throughout business development, internal process and people matters can have spectacular results. The most successful businesses are process driven on all fronts.

Small business growth or turnaround leadership
Exclusively assisting smaller companies for almost 20 years has resulted in a very broad perspective and large referral network. As one of a very limited number of small business growth and turnaround leadership specialists, the right solutions, and the right effort, in the right place requires perspective, expertise and insight.

A robust business development process brings in customers, but it is the rest of the organization, the people and the systems that keep these customers. To get the help you really need, find a consulting leader with a marketing-led perspective, operational skills and a willingness to get involved. Search terms include: turnaround specialist, small business turnarounds, business growth expert and distressed business management. Or, just contact Steve Lauterback now, at 973-889-9393.