Marketing – A Full Time Responsibility, Not Always a Full Time Job!

Over the last decade it seems that leaders of smaller companies have become acutely aware of the importance of bringing a marketing function into their organizations. They have seen the consequences of resisting this critical component of their operations. By all accounts, nothing really happens in a business until you sell something. Marketing brings clarity […]

Competing in a Big Business World

For the last several decades manufacturers have been fighting against the tide of foreign challengers. This competition forced these businesses to either refresh their products and marketing strategies, or give way to cheaper overseas competition. As a marketing professional, I saw more companies struggle with this shift in the business landscape than any market transformation […]

Don’t Go Dark!

As a result of general economic conditions, many companies, large and small have experienced an extended period of stagnation in business activity. This wide-ranging test of fortitude has forced smart business leaders to consider their methods and expenditure options in all areas of their operations. While this is always a sound approach, curtailing customer development […]

“If it touches the customer, it’s marketing”™

If the goal of marketing your small or midsize business is to find and keep customers, you want every customer’s experience to be positive. Engineering the customer experience at every turn can only enhance the relationship you have with your customers. Some customer touch points are obvious – sales interactions, marketing communications, customer service calls […]