Growth, Turnaround, Operational Improvement

Growth, Turnaround, Operational Improvement


Is the stress of a failing or stagnant business keeping you up at night?

Are you looking for an expert to provide an accurate assessment?

Feeling alone facing the massive responsibility of business growth?

Are you worried about losing your business?

We can help turn your business around in 90 days.

Together we’ll optimize your business development, production, back-office, people, and leadership functions while improving company culture. We have successfully helped our clients boost their revenue by 20% or more.



Success for any business is process driven on all fronts. Many times, the underperformance in closely-held companies can be traced to an ineffective customer development platform. It is when sales are not the problem and operational problems are impacting profits that we shift our process emphasis to improving efficiency, changing the culture or addressing leadership deficiencies.


Lauterback Consulting specializes in change management for small businesses. We provide our clients with the advantages of a highly experienced firm that has seen it all before and can offer a well-calculated plan and a positive outcome – without sacrificing the principles and unique personality of your small business.


In the world of small business, most companies need more customers – and the majority of these businesses need marketing help in order to gain and retain a solid client base. At Lauterback Consulting, this is our area of expertise. We have been helping our clients streamline their customer finding processes since 1999. In that time, we have assisted more than 200 small businesses to start up, grow and turnaround their fortunes.


When employees feel detached productivity slips and turnover becomes more chronic thus setting a negative tone inside the company and out to customers. Undertaking a self-examination of culture and leadership practices is the first step to finding a solution and fixing a problem that could ultimately bring down your business.

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