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Have you outgrown your operating methods with lower revenue proving the point? Has management in one or several areas of the company been compromised by lack of attention? Is “the way you always did it” no longer the best way to do it? Or, is the leader going through the motions and relying on old perspectives that plague so many companies?

You can do better

While you might hit on a revolutionary new idea that would have a profound effect on your industry and your fortunes, doing the fundamentals with precision is what will make a meaningful difference right away. Finding a path to a sustainable future for companies in traditional industries is process driven.

Money problems are an indication of more serious difficulties, in operations, in business development, with the offering, or ingrained the company’s culture. The magnitude of cultural shift and skill improvement required for real change can be difficult for any organization.

When a business faces the kinds of challenges that cause significant pain, the very personal process involved in selecting a capable and qualified resource makes it difficult to qualify most consultants. Look at skills, personality, experience and a sense of genuine personal commitment which are all key to making the right choice.

Trusted Advisor

Steve Lauterback is a multi-disciplined business advisor that has seen it all more than 100 times over. “I am a fully qualified resource that understands how the puzzle parts fit together providing a freeing balance of corporate structure to entrepreneurship.


Operational process improvement


Marketing/Business development, sales management


Culture shift/Team building


Brand building/Customer profiling


Leadership and Mentoring


Interim Chief Executive


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About Steve Lauterback

Steve Lauterback provides business owner clients and their staff with leadership in growth, turnaround and start-up initiatives concentrating in the areas of operational process, business development systems and culture improvement. Steve began his business career as a regional representative for a swimming pool equipment manufacturer. In the mid-80s he was appointed the youngest marketing executive at Jacuzzi Bros. Division, assuming the role of both product manager and national sales manager. Less than 28 months later he was credited with doubling the line’s revenues. Thereafter, Steve’s career journey incorporated future corporate assignments and several successful, self-funded business start-ups. His unique mix of entrepreneurial and corporate experience offers clients broad operational insights. Conditioning the inside of the business can have a profound effect on profits, customer satisfaction, easing interpersonal challenges and reducing owner fatigue. Since 1999 Steve’s involvement has assisted well-over 110 “bigger” small companies to grow, turnaround and reengineer their operations.

About Ian Magley

Ian Magley, Business Mechanic – is primarily responsible for client development, brokering for business acquisition and disposition, and client consulting activities. He is most effective in working with business owners in rediscovering the purpose, “the why,” that motivated them to go into their own business in the first place. Included in his responsibilities is the elevation of relationships with business advisors including lawyers, CPAs and bankers, as we mutually regard one another for perspective and client referrals. Prior to joining Lauterback Consulting, Mr. Magley’s accomplishments and qualifications include his work as an accredited business intermediary, and certified franchise consultant. He is qualified in assisting business owners and aspiring business leaders in the sale and purchase of a company. Most recently he lead the transition of a wholesale family bakery to a small franchise system that many of our local friends know as Mara’s Cafe & Bakery.


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