It’s the same targeting approaches used to win elections!

The best Biz Dev’l method I have ever seen! If you own a business, any kind of business, have responsibility for bringing in customers, or know someone that does, you/they absolutely need to know about digital conversion funnel platforms. “Funnels” use highly developed formulas to identify “in-the-market” prospects with significantly greater accuracy, at higher volume counts than […]

Too Many Sellers, Too Few Buyers

It was almost a decade ago when the economy was hot and many more of us were busy with a strong roster of clients. It was like shooting fish in that old barrel. Today, the opposite is still playing-out for most sellers. From professional services to hamburger stands, we all have lots of well-qualified competitors […]

Customer finding for Professional Firms

Most firms are good at performing the services of the specialty they are in. Professional services firms like attorneys or CPAs for instance, know bankruptcy, tax code and methodology, investment strategy, divorce, business turnaround and much more. However, when it comes to the business of a responsive operational platform, or finding and communicating with prospects […]

Employee problems getting you down?

If you feel lucky when a recent hire seems to be working out, wait, at least 6 months. Utilizing a robust hiring template, sticking to the rules, performing a formal assessment and checking references all count. Even after all of that, you still have to be lucky. Employee matters have a way of tripping up […]

Are Your Employees Bad For Business?

Most employees either contribute to value-added operations around the offering, or they interface with prospects and customers facilitating transactions. Although we’d love to have the people in the shop demonstrating customer-led behaviors, the ones with direct interface, at any level, are the ones with the greatest individual responsibility for customer retention. Engineer the customer experience […]

Business Tune-up – the 3 essentials

Working exclusively with closely-held companies provides a perspective that can benefit other business leaders in similar circumstances. If your company is underperforming, look inside and outside for clues to addressing these challenges. Most external issues concern the obsolescence of the offering, changes in the way customers buy the offering, or the strong economic forces of […]